We are a recording studio located in downtown Toronto. Our great sounding, professionaly designed and treated live room is the perfect place to record your drums, electric guitars, electric bass, brass and woodwind instruments. Sight lines from the control room to the entire live room allow the communication required between producer and artist. Vocalists and voice over artists will find themselves at home inside our iso booth. There is also a collection of vintage and analog synthesizers for you to add that unique analog sound to your recordings.

We have the toys.
We have the tools.
We have the technique.
Just bring your sound.


We aim to provide an intimate space for clients to record and mix audio. With our tools and abilities we help our clients achieve the final 10% in their projects.


James Meier - Owner / Producer

When James Meier first began DJing from a wearable computer mounted to his torso and head, Facebook was brand new, iPhones didn’t exist, and Project Glass wasn’t even a twinkle in Google’s eye. Under the moniker ghettocyb.org, Meier pioneered technology that made him the world’s first cyborg DJ, using an embedded system and head-mounted display. Since the system’s first public appearance in March of 2003, at Meier’s technology-based art party IRQ, it’s been in constant evolution and made him a fixture of electronic music conferences worldwide. Since opening 01system Meier has been busy producing for Toronto's electronic underground.

Robert Sibony - Percusionist / Producer

Robert Sibony is a diversified drummer and percussionist and Producer
who excels in a wide array of musical styles. Sibony quickly recognized his love of music and found himself doing studio sessions at the early age of 15. Two years later he was on his first tour. Driven, flexible and creative, Sibony has since become a prolific talent in the music industry. Over the years, he has shared the stage and studio with internationally acclaimed artists Sean Lennon, Esthero, Troy Sexton (STOMP), Bob McBride (Lighthouse), Rich Chycki (Rush, Mick Jagger), Roger St- Denis, Reza Derakahani (Peter Gabriel, Madonna), Kush, Liberty Silver, Max Webster, Selloane (The Lion King), Mump & Smoot, Billy Newton Davis (The Nylons, 2008 Juno winner), Kenny Rogers Jr., Anthony Vanderburgh, Thomas Wade (song writer for Celine Dion), Jesse Cook, The Second City House Band and Banda DA (EMI Brazil) and most recently performing at Roy Thompson Hall with Shahkar Bineshpajooh.

Sibony’s many accomplished performances drew attention from a number of industry companies and was generously endorsed by Yamaha, Rim Shot drum sticks, and Sabian Cymbals. For Yamaha’s Drums 40th anniversary concert he was invited to perform on Drum Set alongside Ndugu Chancler (Miles Davis, George Duke and Michael Jackson) who played congas.

Sibony also attended the Summer Jazz Program at the University of Columbus, Ohio, where he studied diligently under teachers Ed Soph and Bob Breitaupt. His impressive skill, hard work and strong reputation later awarded him eight Canadian recording and touring grants, followed up by a Canada Council Study Grant, where he then trained at Drummers Collective in New York City with Alex Acuna, Daduka Da Fonseca, and Kim Plainfield. Sibony also studied with Jim Blackly (renowned jazz teacher), Dennis Chambers, Terry Clarke, Rick Gratton, Memo Acevedo and Joe Bonadio.

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